Hip Hop Helps Stop DV

Hip Hop Helps – a growing number of young people are using Hip Hop music to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Young people like ARIA award winning, Australian Hip Hop artist Illy is placing the issue centre stage, with his new song, Back Around. Created for the Queensland’s Government’s Stop the Hurting – End Domestic Violence campaign, Back Around was mostly written by Illy and music composer Nick Martin, with back-up vocals performed by Queensland-raised artist Mi-Kaisha, a 16-year-old Pop, R&B, Soul and Contemporary Indigenous singer/songwriter. Why mostly? Because Back Around is also a music competition – with young people between the ages of 12-17 invited to contribute their own lyrics as the final verse of the song. Stylised and rhythmic, Back Around is a courageous song that breaks the silence on domestic violence; exposing its secrecy and placing it centre stage. And, Illy is not the only one raising awareness among young people.

16 year old Ethan Jorrock and ‘his crew’ are from Belyuen in the Northern Territory. They are involved in the Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP). They are using Hip Hop to spread the word on issues like mental health, drugs and alcohol, and violence. Ethan said he hoped the message of the video would encourage other young people to reflect on their experiences and help propel change in his community. “We made the song happen because we don’t want that to happen to other communities”, he said. The video encourages young people to seek help when needed, which is a powerful message for those experiencing and witnessing domestic and family violence.

Back Around is part of Illy’s Two Degrees Regional Tour, with a performance scheduled for The Mills Precinct, Toowoomba on 8 September. To hear how Hip Hop Helps – get your tickets here.