Education Services

We deliver educational knowledge sharing forums and cross agency collaborations to improve information and access to the legal system and our services.


  • visit communities in our service area on a regular basis
  • provide community legal education sessions, as per request
  • offer after hours legal clinics in Roma
  • deliver integrated information sessions in collaboration with various service providers.

Our community legal education programs, activities and initiatives:

  • help people to find out about their legal rights and responsibilities
  • support people to understand what they can do to enforce their rights and carry out their responsibilities
  • inform people about changes to the law
  • advise people on how to approach certain circumstances
  • network with community, government and non-government stakeholders and organisations
  • engage community to ensure our services and practices are community-backed, culturally-appropriate and client-centered.

If you want to access our education services, check out how to get started.