Becoming a Silent Elector

I need to keep my address private, what can I do?

Becoming a silent elector is an option for electors who are experiencing domestic violenceYou can apply to register as a silent elector if you believe having your address on the electoral roll would put you or your family’s safety at risk. If you are granted silent elector status only your name is shown on the publicly available electoral roll.

How do I apply?

If you are already enrolled, you can register as a silent elector in Queensland by using this silent elector form.

Can I Get Silent Elector Status?

You will need to:

  • read page one of the form to check you qualify for silent elector status,
  • complete the form,
  • complete the statutory declaration and explain what you consider the risk to be and why your personal safety (or that of your family) is at risk.

If you are not enrolled, you can enrol online or complete a PDF version of the Queensland enrolment form and then return it to the AEC with your silent elector form.

A separate silent elector form is required for each person requesting silent elector status. You can provide one statutory declaration as long as it includes the names of all the people applying.

Silent elector status is not granted automatically. The Divisional Returning Officer considers each application and a decision is made based on whether it meets the legal conditions for silent elector status.

For further advice or support contact an Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Indigenous Community Engagement Officer in Queensland by calling (07) 3834 3431 or emailing