Advocacy Services

Our advocacy services champion legislative, policy and societal change by promoting, reporting and participating in activities that advance client requests.

Our clients are those who are facing injustice, cannot afford private legal representation and whose life circumstances are affected by their legal problems.

As a legal service and respected voice in our communities, we play an active role in networking with communities, government and non-government agencies. We are committed to the best outcomes for our clients and communities, and are strong champions for:

  • access to justice that is effective, inclusive, responsive, equitable and efficient advocate
  • funding and resources to address identified unmet legal and related needs
  • practices that are culturally-appropriate and community-oriented.

AFLSSQ has participated in a number of advocacy services, such as:

  • Queensland Reparations Review Panel, Cherbourg, May 2017
  • The Research Partnerships Roundtable, co-hosted by the National Association of Community Legal Centres and Community Legal Centres Queensland, Brisbane, June 2016.

If you want to access our advocacy services, contact us.